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SmartMDG holds significant importance for any organization, serving as a critical foundation for its operations. Implementing Master Data Governance is pivotal, as it guides your organization toward maintaining a more precise and authentic version of its data. The governance process ensures that your data is of high quality, free from duplicates, and consistently accurate and complete.

With our pre-built processes, business rules, validations, and quality checks, we provide a robust framework for governing your data. This framework is designed to enforce best practices, maintain data integrity, and uphold high standards of quality. It not only involves managing data but also actively governs it, ensuring that the information aligns with organizational standards.

Our approach involves the collaboration of Data Stewards and stakeholders who are owners of specific data domains. These individuals play a crucial role in overseeing, approving, and ensuring the accuracy of the data within their respective areas. SmartMDG facilitates this governance process, providing the necessary tools and workflows for Data Stewards and stakeholders to actively participate in the data governance framework.

In essence, the aim is not just to manage data but to govern it effectively, ensuring that it meets the required standards and is aligned with the organization’s objectives. SmartMDG empowers your organization with the means to achieve this by incorporating best practices, stakeholder involvement, and a comprehensive governance structure.

Benefits and Capabilities

The tool is designed to manage and govern master data within an organization. Master data typically includes core business entities such as customers, products, employees, and other critical information that is shared across various applications and business processes. Learn More

The primary objective of the MDG tool is to create a single, authoritative version of high-quality data. This involves ensuring that data is accurate, complete, and consistent across all systems and processes within the organization. The tool helps eliminate data silos and discrepancies. Learn More

The MDG tool comes with predefined business processes that dictate how master data is created, updated, and maintained. These processes are established based on best practices and organizational requirements. Predefined processes contribute to consistency and adherence to data governance policies. Learn More

The tool facilitates the governance and monitoring of master data through a structured and controlled environment. Data governance involves defining policies, standards, and rules for managing data, and the tool ensures that these are enforced throughout the data lifecycle. Monitoring capabilities help track data changes and adherence to governance policies. Learn More

Data Stewards are individuals responsible for overseeing the quality and integrity of data within their domains. The MDG tool involves Data Stewards in the governance process, providing them with tools and workflows to review, approve, or reject data changes. This ensures that data ownership and accountability are well-defined. Learn More

Business stakeholders, representing various departments and functions, are actively engaged in the data governance processes. Their input is valuable for defining data requirements, business rules, and ensuring that master data aligns with organizational goals. Business stakeholders collaborate with Data Stewards to make informed decisions about data. Learn More

The MDG tool includes features for data quality assurance. It enforces data quality checks and validations to ensure that the entered data meets predefined standards. This contributes to the creation and maintenance of high-quality, error-free master data. Learn More

The tool provides versioning capabilities, allowing organizations to track changes to master data over time. Additionally, it maintains audit trails, documenting who made changes, when changes were made, and what changes were implemented. This transparency is crucial for accountability and compliance. Learn More

The MDG tool is integrated with key business processes to ensure that master data is seamlessly managed within the context of broader organizational workflows. Integration with other enterprise systems helps maintain consistency across the entire data landscape. Learn More

  • Material
  • Customer
  • Vendor/Supplier
  • Asset/Equipment
  • Finance
  • HR/Employee
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • High-Tech
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Wholesale
  • Cosmetics
  • Implements Best Practices
  • SME Dashboard for metrics and proactive governance
  • Integrates with Any ERP Application
  • Cloud/On-Premise solution
  • Desktop/Mobile enabled