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TaxoGen is a tool focused on automating the setup of taxonomy for materials, products, and chemicals in your ERP application. By ensuring compliance with industry standards and promoting best practices, it contributes to the efficiency and accuracy of business operations. The seamless integration with ERP applications further enhances the impact of taxonomy management on overall business processes.

The Purpose of TaxoGen is to seamless integration with ERP applications further enhances the impact of taxonomy management on overall business processes.Let’s break down the capabilities mentioned


TaxoGen automates the process of establishing taxonomy for materials, products, and chemicals in your ERP application. Taxonomy refers to the hierarchical classification or categorization of items based on their characteristics. Automating this setup eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistency in classification. Learn More

TaxoGen is designed to align with and ensure compliance with industry standards related to taxonomy. This could include adherence to standardized classification systems or coding schemes that are widely recognized in the industry. Compliance with these standards is crucial for consistency, interoperability, and meeting regulatory requirements. Learn More

The tool is configured to help your organization follow best practices in taxonomy management. This involves structuring the taxonomy in a way that reflects industry norms and best principles for efficient information organization. Following best practices contributes to the clarity and coherence of the taxonomy, making it easier for users to navigate and understand. Learn More

TaxoGen integrates seamlessly with ERP applications. This integration ensures that the taxonomy setup is directly applied within the ERP system, impacting how materials, products, and chemicals are organized and accessed within the broader business management infrastructure. Learn More

By automating the taxonomy setup, TaxoGen contributes to the efficiency of business operations. It streamlines the process of classifying and organizing materials, products, and chemicals, allowing users to find and manage information more rapidly. This efficiency is particularly crucial in large organizations dealing with extensive inventories. Learn More

Automation through TaxoGen reduces the manual efforts required for taxonomy configuration. Instead of relying on individuals to categorize items manually, the tool uses predefined rules and industry standards to automate this process. This not only saves time but also minimizes the potential for human error. Learn More

TaxoGen incorporates the setup of specific characteristics, such as pH for chemicals. This feature adds granularity to the taxonomy, allowing for the inclusion of attributes that are crucial for certain types of materials. In the case of chemicals, for instance, pH is a specific characteristic that contributes to accurate classification. Learn More

TaxoGen facilitates the grouping of materials based on shared characteristics, attributes, or properties. This grouping helps in organizing similar items together, making it easier to manage and analyze data. Material grouping is valuable for tasks such as inventory management, procurement, and reporting. Learn More

TaxoGen assists your organization in accurately classifying materials, products, and services into relevant groupings. This ensures that items are categorized based on their inherent characteristics and intended use. Accurate classification is essential for effective decision-making in areas such as procurement, production planning, and inventory control. Learn More

TaxoGen supports the structuring of data into a hierarchical format. This involves organizing items in a tree-like structure with parent-child relationships. The hierarchical structure enhances the organization and understanding of data by representing relationships between different categories and subcategories. It facilitates easier navigation and retrieval of information. Learn More

TaxoGen allows for the definition and setup of various taxonomy components, including levels, groups, classes, and characteristics. Levels may represent different tiers in the hierarchy, while groups and classes help categorize items based on shared attributes. Characteristics, such as pH for chemicals, can be defined and configured for accurate classification. Learn More

TaxoGen adheres to best practices in setting up data, ensuring that the taxonomy is structured and organized in an optimal way. This involves following recognized methodologies for efficient data management, classification, and organization. By adopting best practices, TaxoGen enhances the usability and effectiveness of the taxonomy. Learn More

The tool supports the definition and setup of product hierarchies, reflecting the relationships between different types of products or materials. Additionally, material groups can be established based on common characteristics or functional similarities. This facilitates a structured organization of items for improved management and analysis. Learn More


TaxoGen automates the setup of taxonomy, reducing the time and effort required for manual configuration. This streamlining leads to increased efficiency in managing and classifying materials, products, and chemicals. Learn More

TaxoGen ensures that the organization’s data aligns with industry standards. This adherence to standards promotes data consistency, facilitates interoperability with other systems, and helps the organization stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Learn More

TaxoGen facilitates accurate and precise classification of materials, products, and chemicals. This ensures that items are categorized based on relevant attributes and characteristics, contributing to improved accuracy in data representation. Learn More

The tool supports the hierarchical structuring of data, allowing for the creation of a logical and organized taxonomy. This hierarchy aids in the efficient organization and retrieval of information, contributing to better data management. Learn More

TaxoGen’s organized taxonomy improves the efficiency of searching and retrieving information. Users can navigate through the taxonomy with ease, locating specific items or groups of items more quickly and accurately. Learn More

TaxoGen facilitates the grouping of materials and products based on shared characteristics. This logical grouping supports more efficient management, analysis, and decision-making related to inventory, procurement, and reporting. Learn More

The automation provided by TaxoGen reduces the need for manual efforts in taxonomy setup. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of human errors, contributing to cost savings and improved data accuracy. Learn More